Here you find a look in to the beautifull world of flowers

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Here you find pictures of some trips or just a visit to a special location.

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This is the map where you find a bunch of pictures from a diverse concept, like doors, manhole covers, restauration works

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Here I have collected the photos of the events. The events are too diverse to categorize them

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Insects are a wonderful subject for photography, I have certainly not spent enough time on this.

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Landscapes are a difficult subject in photography. The trick is to capture the 3-D image that we can see with our own eyes in a 2-D photo.

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If it is too small to see the details properly with your own eyes, then it is time for the macro lens. This opens up a whole new world for you. Behold the miracles of our Creator

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Here the map of the mammals and their natural environment.

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The wonderful world of mushrooms, fungi

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Mankind is the most photographed item on earth. If you take the time for this, a whole world opens up to you about impressions and perception of the characters of man.

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Reptiles still speak very much to people's imagination and fears, despite that I find them beautiful to see and photograph.

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Traveling is one of the nicest activities that we do in our free time. It becomes even better if you can capture the experience and discoveries for later. At the fireplace with a glass of wine or whiskey, you can enjoy the trip again.

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Butterflies are so beautiful that photographing these gems a pleasure is every time

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Birds are free in the air, it still appeals to our imagination to be able to choose the airspace ourselves. Fortunately our Creator has chosen to put them apart from us so that we can always be surprised when these beautiful animals gracefully choose the sky.

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